Invoice + Contract Bundle

The templates and training needed to create and organize electronic invoices, contracts, and payments.

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Getting Paid Made Simple

A tiny course for creating and organizing electronic invoices, contracts, and payments.

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Stop chasing clients and start receiving payments instantly. 

You know what hurts?

Not getting paid for the services you're about to provide or have already provided.

Picture this…

You're two years into running a business. You finally book a high-ticket speaking event across the country and you're so stoked! You buy your plane ticket, hotel, rental car, all the things, and then…

Two weeks before the scheduled event, the organization cancels due to an “unforeseen circumstance”. 

This actually happened.

All the money I was counting on to pay my bills (still living paycheck to paycheck at the time), gone in a flash. Some travel arrangements could be refunded. Others could not. Suddenly, I was paying for something that didn’t even happen. My heart sank. I cried and then I got mad.

How did I lose money on a “supposed to be high-ticket” service?

The answer suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks... lack of upfront invoicing, contracts, and payment systems.

This was a tough lesson in business, and yet I hear the same story all the time…

- Coaches providing valuable 1:1 sessions and clients suddenly ghosting after they only paid the deposit.

- DJs spinning music at a wedding and the couple seems to be on a forever honeymoon afterwards with no sign of payment.

- Designers creating websites and then chasing the remaining balance through endless emails. 

This is why having a simple system to collect money in advance is crucial. 

You need contracts that hold people and organizations accountable to paying you now, not later.

Gone are the days of printing out contracts and scanning to a USB. That’s a time suck that’s slowing your sales.

Receiving payments and contracts can be easy... and I'm going to show you how!

In this bundle, you'll get a behind-the-scenes view of how to get paid and receive signed contracts electronically. I'll show you examples of this system in all 3 of my businesses, which offer the following services:

Speaking at schools and organizations

Providing monthly virtual assistant services for speakers and coaches

Renting out rooms and houses to travel nurses

Notice how each service is drastically different? This system can be applied to most service-based offers.

You will receive instant access to...

Video tutorials

3 example invoices

3 example contracts

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Breathe easy with payment and contract automation.

Hey there!

I'm Lyndsay Morris.

I'm a former teacher turned online business strategist who once sold 10,000+ online courses (while sick in bed with Covid). That's a story for another time. 

My team and I help speakers and coaches simplify their business by automating their systems, building their online courses, and breaking the rules of traditional business.

I don’t buy into the hustle culture and I’m here to help others scale their passion in a way that provides the space to work less and live more. 

Creating an automated system for payment allows us to take a sigh of relief and let technology make sure payment is received for the value we bring to the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Never miss a payment again.

Create electronic contracts and invoices that make getting paid simple. 

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