We're on a mission to equip business owners with the support they need to create more impact, while living a life of balance not burnout. 


We believe in simplicity

The enemy of execution is complexity. We make it easy to create and maintain your online courses with our services. Skip the guesswork and learn how to scale your business with ease. 


We're here to help you amplify your impact, while working less

You're here to change the world, but you can't work harder. It's time to work smarter. We believe that a purpose-driven entrepreneurs' time is better spent in their zone of genius, rather than doing all of the things.

Your ideas make a difference and we are here to support you in bringing them to life, while still having time to enjoy your business and life.


We believe in you + your dreams

We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the challenges that business-owners face, especially in these unprecedented times. We also know what's possible when you pivot from in-person events to online courses because our entire team has done it.

Generation Business Lyndsay Morris

How it all began...

For many years, I spent more time in hotel rooms, planes, and conference centers than my own home. After leaving my "stable" 9-5, I hit the road with a mission to change our education system.

I was shocked that no matter the state or country, the number one question after a training was, “How did you start your business? I’m so inspired right now and want to do the exact thing you’re doing.”

With excitement, I would always say, “You can do this and if you feel the nudge, please follow it.”

In 2016, Generation Business was created because I wanted a dedicated place for change-makers to find the support they need to share their gifts and amplify their impact without burning out. 

The experience of speaking around the world, hiring a team, developing a clothing line, and creating/selling thousands of  online courses/apps allows me to support a diverse group of business owners from all over the world. This I know to be true: 

⭐ The hustle mentality is often celebrated, but it's not sustainable.

⭐ If you don’t align with the work you’re doing, the product you’re selling, or the way you move through your day to day business, it won’t work long-term.

⭐ You don’t have to do “all of the things” to be successful.

You’re here to make a difference. Here at Generation Business, we want you to experience the joy that comes from sharing your gifts, being in-demand for your unique perspective, and the freedom to move through your life and business on your own terms.



A Little About Lyndsay:

⭐ Former teacher and school counselor who founded Generation Wellness with a vision to infuse well-being into classrooms, companies, and communities around the world.

⭐Sold 5,000+ courses while sick with Covid/Covid Longhauler in 2020, thanks to an amazing team and the power of technology (mainly Kajabi). Click here to view course.

⭐ Supporting people in their quest to share their shine with the world is my greatest passion... This is why I created Generation Business.

⭐ Myers Briggs: ENFJ, Enneagram: 3 The Achiever, DISC: The Motivator, Extroverted personality, but really a curious introvert who loves creating. 

⭐ Recovering perfectionist who learned the hard way about the importance of self-care and burnout.

Connect with me here if:

💖 You're a kind human.

💖 You believe that “everything is figureoutable.”

💖 You value collaboration > competition and serve from abundance.

Generation Business Lyndsay Morris
Generation Business Claire Perry-Louise


A Little About Claire:

⭐ Former lawyer turned entrepreneur, who gave up the law to pursue my vision for a world where connection, community and collaboration is the core of all businesses. 

   - Founder of Like Hearted Leaders

   - Generation Business Strategic Coach + Online Business Manager

⭐ Consulted for global brands and Entrepreneurs and recognized by Facebook as an elite community leader, contributing to their worldwide Facebook groups growth initiative.

⭐ Creator of online courses, memberships, group coaching programs, author and speaker. Enneagram 2 The Helper, Human Design Manifesting Generator, super open minded and loves to find the answers or at least go deeper into the rabbit hole!

⭐ Value freedom, growth and contribution which means I can’t stop reading business and personal development books and investing in mentors, education and online courses to support me in my quest to keep evolving into the best version of myself.

⭐ Believes that trust is built through relationships and that businesses should put this at the forefront of their strategy.

Connect with me here if:

💖 You are committed to becoming the best version of yourself.

💖 You believe that feedback is important.

💖 You value meaningful connection


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