You've probably realized that marketing is a full-time job, but did you know that you can delegate the dread of sales? 

Strategically aligning with partners to push your product is the simple way to amplify impact. Why continue feeling stressed about sales when there are people ready to share? They just need to know how...

with the templates used to create a meaningful Ambassador Program that sold thousands of online courses!


Imagine ditching the constant hustle of marketing and partnering with people and organizations who believe in your company's unique magic.

Ambassador marketing is a win-win opportunity because it gifts people who care the ability to share, while receiving compensation along the way. 

So, if you are a speaker, consultant, or coach who's ready for massive impact, without burning out, it's time to create a program that makes sharing your product or service easy. 

Feel good about selling. 

Ambassador Bundle

✔️ 3 Ambassador Website Pages (Organization, School, and Individual)
✔️ 1 Sales Page so the ambassadors have a place to send people
✔️ 1 Registration Page so people can purchase what they're sharing
✔️1 Contract for clarity and security
✔️1 Ambassador Manual showing the entire process
✔️7 Emails (to and from ambassadors)
✔️1 Spreadsheet for easy tracking
✔️6 Social Media Graphics for easy sharing


✔️1 Example Promo Kit to show how to advertise your offerings
✔️1 Example Portal to show how ambassadors sign up, log in, and know what to do
✔️Rapid-fire virtual training with all the do's and do not's

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Getting Paid Made Simple

A tiny course for creating and organizing electronic invoices, contracts, and payments.

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92% of consumers believe recommendations that come from people they trust. People are far more likely to buy from a someone they trust than a random facebook ad. 

Selling can become simple with a solid ambassador program that invites fans to support the cause, provides the information to sell the products, and keeps track of everything with tight systems and processes.

Learn from someone created, tested, and utilized this roadmap to generate 90% of sales in the last three years. It's worked so well that she shut down her business social media accounts in the name of authentic marketing rather than soul-sucking selling.

In this bundle, you'll receive everything you need to enroll, manage, and market to the people and organizations who believe in your company. You'll receive templates and training for three different types of Ambassador Programs:




Amplify your impact without running yourself rugged in the constant hussle of marketing. 

You will receive instant access to the following templates...

Affiliate Websites





Marketing Materials

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Impact is far greater when we join arms with others.

Hey there!

I'm Lyndsay Morris.

Although I was personally fighting for my life in 2020, our online wellness courses were selling like wildfire. People were craving wellness materials, but my ability to market was limited. Without marketing, there is no business.

This pain point was the beginning of ambassador marketing for my consulting company and to date, it's our number one sales strategy. The best part? I don't have to feel awkward selling and our fans love sharing.

The first organization we worked with generated $200,000 in sales and our partnership was their highest grossing fundraising event of the year.

The Executive Director was thrilled to offer our meaningful products, while also generating revenue, which made this partnership an easy "yes" for years to come! 

Creating a sales pipeline to your products and services that doesn't involve "you" is the ultimate feeling a freedom. It's actually the reason my business didn't go bankrupt when I was sick for nearly three years. 

You have fans who love what you do, but they don't know why or how to share about what you offer. I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs free themselves from social media or other soul-sucking sales strategies and create win-win partnerships that feel good for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Never feel slimy with sales again.

Create an ambassador program that gifts people the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves, while generating income for your company. 

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